Carlos Morens y Maritegui
Marqus del Borghetto

Fundacin Patrimonio Natural presents The History of the Coto de Doa Ana. 1865-1985. It is not just another book about the famous Andalusian estate, it is the first publication that narrates accurately and delightfully the process of development followed by the whole estate first and by its most beautiful acceda a pasajes recomendados por el autor and representative part La Marismilla later, through those crucial hundred and twenty years.

Doa Ana (or Doana) acquired the configuration we know today thanks to a few people related by blood ties. Credit goes to owners and game-keepers who brought about the shift from wasteland, marshes and scant abandoned forest into the paradise we know today. Doa Ana belonged to the powerful Dukes of Medina Sidonia for over six centuries. On 1900, Mr. William Garvey, an Irish-Spanish gentleman, purchased the Coto and increased it to 67.000 acres. After him it passed to other members of his family. Since the time of King Alfonso XI of Castile (1312-1350) the Coto has been visited by kings and high personalities. Among others, Empress Eugenie of France, Alfonso XIII of Spain, Edward VIII and George VI of the United Kingdom or Baldwin II of Belgium.

The book goes through XIXth century disasters, follows with the years of full splendour and ends up with the creation of the Doana National Park and the Coto mostly owned by the State.

Full of unpublished contributions, it puts an end to legends and spurious stories that have been circulating as official history.

The Marquis of Borghetto was linked to Doa Ana for thirty five years. His knowledge of the subject, his archives research and his long conversations with the main characters who were still alive, allowed him to analyse step by step the process that gave its definitive shape to the National Park.

Also, in an Appendix, he compares the splendid next past of the property to the delicate and problematic present of the National Park, detailing its problems and solutions.

This will be a compelling reference book for those interested in the origins of Doana National Park (in World Heritage List by UNESCO) and a notorious source of information for the actual Park managers and for those to come.

The book, of 432 pages, includes graphical documentation, onomastic and hunters indexes, proprietors family trees, hunting results, bibliography and other appendices.

The paper on board binding of the limited English edition of 1000 copies has been carefully looked after by Ediciones El Viso. All this makes it not only a pleasant reading book but a real master piece.

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